Bhopal gas disaster victims stage protests in Delhi

ANI, December 3, 2008
New Delhi, Dec 3: To support the struggle of Bhopal gas victims, various organizations, supporting groups and students held a protest here last evening.
The protesters alleged that even after 24 years of the tragedy in which 3,800 people died, the victims are still awaiting help and support.
The protest was organised by the International Campaign for Justice inhopal (ICJB), a worldwide coalition of some 20 people’s organizations, NGO’snd individuals to express solidarity with the groups.
“All the Delhi supporters, supporting groups and students want the empowered commission for Bhopal and also block an extra legal exit for the Dow Chemicals. We have gathered in memory of the Union Carbide victims and also in solidarity with the longest-running struggle. We are with them in full view for justice and life with dignity and demand for accountability,” said Shalini Sharma, a volunteer associated with the ICJB.
On the night of December 2, 1984, tons of a toxic gas leaked from a pesticide plant owned by Union Carbide in India’s central Bhopal, killing about 3,800 people almost instantly. Thousands more were maimed.
Union Carbide in 1984 accepted moral responsibility for the tragedy and established a 100 million dollars charitable trust fund to build a hospital for victims. Later Union Carbide was taken over by Dow Chemical.The Union Carbide, after a protracted legal battle, paid 470 million dollars to the Indian Government in a settlement reached in 1989.

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