Bhopal gas victims call off hunger strike after PM's assurance

A group of Bhopal gas tragedy victims today called off their week-long hunger strike after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s assurance to take welfare measures required by them.
“We have decided to call off our hunger strike today as the Prime Minister has promised to meet four of the six demands,” spokesman for the protestors Nityanand Jayaraman said after the meeting of a delegation with Singh.
A group of victims of the 1984 gas tragedy had sought setting up of a Commission to look into compensation issues, demands of providing them with clean water, removal of toxic debris from the factory site and setting up of a monument in Bhopal for the victims of the 1984 gas tragedy.
The Prime Minister assured that the government will take whatever welfare measures that are required for those affected by the gas tragedy, a PMO spokesman said when asked about the meeting of Bhopal gas tragedy victims with Singh.
While assuring that the government would take everything for the welfare of the victims, the spokesman said on other matters, the law of the land would prevail.

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