Bhopal gas victims march to Delhi

Survivors of the world’s worst industrial disaster in the Indian city of Bhopal have marched all the way to parliament in the capital, Delhi.
Protestors at a march of Bhopal gas tragedy victims in Delhi. The survivors walked 800 km in 33 days to reach Delhi
About 40 survivors of the December 1984 disaster made the 800km (500-mile) journey in 33 days. They say demands for compensation are still to be met.
Thousands of people were killed when poisonous gas leaked from Union Carbide’s factory in Bhopal.
This is the second time survivors have marched to Delhi in protest.
Drinking water
The BBC’s Navdip Dhariwal in Delhi says more than 21 years after the gas tragedy the survivors’ demands remain unchanged.
Survivors are demanding for safe drinking water among other things
The group of survivors, who began their trek in mid-February, said they were campaigning for safe drinking water and a clean-up of the local environment.
The survivors also want a stake in a committee they believe should be set up to oversee the medical and social rehabilitation of people affected by the lethal gas.
The group say they have been promised an audience with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and have refused to leave Delhi until their demands are met.
They have also threatened to go on hunger strike if their demands are ignored.
In 1989, 100 women met the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi but they returned to Bhopal with empty promises, the survivors said.

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