Bhopal lands Dow Chemical human rights booby prize

Dow wins 2005 Public Eye Award for worst corporation

The Public Eye on Davos – the coalition of NGOs set up as a counterweight to the WEF, has voted Dow Chemical Worst Corporation in the human rights category of its excrescence awards. Dow easily beat a field of deeply unpleasant competitors that included Bayer, Bechtel, Nestlé, Syngenta, Total and Unocal.

Dow was nominated by Greenpeace Switzerland and the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (ICJB), the nomination claiming that:

Dow, the world’s largest chemicals corporation, has one of the worst environmental and social legacies of any major corporation, encompassing Agent Orange, Asbestos, Dioxin, Dursban, DDT, Napalm and Bhopal.

The vote was by public online ballot, open to all comers.

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