Bhopal.Net gets a new look and more contributors

Bhopal.Net has more than 2,000 pages of information and documentation hidden away in its depths. The site has grown haphazardly over the years, with layers of new material gradually burying the older. Gradually routes to the deeper levels became lost. Finding them again and bringing that old material to light is like conducting an archaeological dig. What this new look seeks to do is put a series of category pages at the top level, ie accessed from this front page, and sink channels down to the old buried treasures. To do it will take some time and we ask your patience but from now on everything needed to navigate the site is on the left hand column of this page. For the front page we have adapted software normally used for blogging to give us three linked pages covering Opinion, Actions and Press Releases. News will continue to be posted on the Opinion page. The blog software also makes it possible to have a number of contributors, so with any luck the site should be a little livelier in future. If you have any suggestions, please send them to Sarvadarshi Gupta, our new editor, at

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