Bhopal reaches Bangkok

Jeny Dolly reports…
Representatives of 44 organisations from 15 different countries who came together for a Climate Justice Conference at Bangkok endorsed a memorandum to the Prime Minister of India asking him to take immediate action on the Bhopal issue. The endorsed memorandum was given to the Indian Embassy in Thailand this morning.
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Six of us left to the Indian Embassy from the Hotel around 10.30 in the morning. It happened to be more like a youth delegation and there were representatives from China, Phillipines, India and Indonesia. We reached the embassy and asked to meet the Ambassador. Though the people in the reception called an official, they kept asking us what the letter was about, in spite of reading it many times.
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As usual we were made to wait while everyone went about doing their work. After reminding them twice, friends who accompanied me started taking out pieces of papers and wrote messages like “Justice for Bhopal Now” and “Come out and meet us” and stood so close to the Reception that nobody could acess the reception. We also spoke to the people who were sitting there in the lobby and got them to sign the memorandum. In no time the Second Secretary, whose name I am forgetting, came down and met us. We asked him to fix an appointment with the ambassador and he promptly said that ‘she is in india’.
Then he brought Bhagwant S. Bishnoi, Deputy Chief of Mission to speak to us. With his excellent PR skills he listened to us, asked questions about Climate Justice and said that the case is in the court and that the Prime Minister would do what is needed to fulfill the demands of the Bhopalis. He said he would send the letter to the concerned people and that he was happy that we had visited him at the embassy.

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