Bhopal tragedy points to dangers of chemicals

Monday, April 3, 2006
If there are people who believe that Hillary Lister and others associated with Citizens Against Pollution in Town (CAPIT) are merely overreacting “not-in-my-backyarders” bent on thwarting industry and progress, the captioned photograph, “Bhopal Victims Still Protesting” (Morning Sentinel, March 29) should give them pause.
Over 20 years after this chemically induced tragedy, people are still suffering enough to be willing to face arrest in order to demand action and relief.
I suspect Union Carbide offered many of the same assurances that GenPower is using now to quell dissent to get their own greedy corporate way at the expense of people and the environment.
There should be no rush to judgment on this issue, and I applaud Lister and the people of Athens for demanding enough time to search for the truth before it is too late.
Richard Tory
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