Sarvadarshi: I am more than excited to report that the Prime Minister has, in a meeting this morning with Sathyu and several other Bhopalis and supporters, agreed to meet four of the six demands we have brought.
The hunger strike has been called off, and everyone is hugging and in tears on the street. Everyone still on hunger strike simultaneously enjoyed tall glasses of orange juice about half an hour ago, and then everyone broke into celebratory clapping and singing. The feeling right now is a mix of relief, excitement, exhaustion, and bewildered happiness.
It seems that the demands that the Prime Minister will not agree to meet are those which would most hurt Dow Chemical. Nity is writing up a press release and we will be posting the details of the meeting.
We will also soon be posting photographs of many happy Bhopali faces here today at Jantar Mantar. Their beautiful smiles will be a great reward to everyone who helped out in so many ways, large and small. So check back in just a little while!

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