Blame it on Vastu, "the building is full of Electro Magnetic field" (Where do they find these people?)

Rahul Singh, Times Now, November 11, 2006
In Madhya Pradesh, many of the states MLA’s believe that the State Assembly building, one of the major landmarks of Bhopal, is cursed and they are blaming the negative energy as per the ancient Indian science of ‘Vastu’ for their problems. Designed by architect Charles Correa, the building is blamed my many, who work their, for their problems. People are also of the opinion that there is definitely something wrong about it.
Moreover, the MLA’s blame it on ancient Indian science of ‘Vastu’ and claim that there is negative energy around the building. Their opinions and belief have further strengthened and gained ground since around 16 MLAs have died since the Assembly was shifted to the new building in 1996.
Elaborating the reason behind the negative opinion associated with the building, Kailash Vijayvergiya, Minister of PWD, Power and IT said:”Every year, we end up bidding goodbye to at least one MLA. The history of this Assembly building is not good. One of the world’s worst industrial disasters, the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, took place in 1984, when the construction of the Assembly started. In 1996, when we shifted to this Assembly, Madhya Pradesh was bifurcated into two states.”
However, the moot question is are the MLAs just being plain superstitious. However, Vastu experts do not agree and believe that the Assembly building violates the basic rules of Vastu science and does attract the negative energy of the earth. Pankaj Agarwal, Vastu expert explains the reasons and attribute it to cetrain flaws:”The Assembly has road on one side, the main entry is from South-West direction. In addition, the Assembly is in circular shape, which according to Vastu science is not considered good. The earth emits negative energy and the building is full of Electro Magnetic field.”
With Vastu experts blaming the Assembly building for the political problems of Madhya Pradesh, for the Chief Minister, Shivraj Chouhan, who has had a tough time since he came to power, it might just pay to turn to Vastu.

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