British journal voices support for Vietnamese AO victims

London, May 14 (VNA) – The British magazine, Ecologist, in its May 2006 edition carried an article and photos on Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin sprayed by US troops during the Viet Nam war.
The article, written by Adrian Brown, said that Agent Orange, which accounted for approximately 60 percent of all defoliant used, is responsible for more than 150,000 cases of varying birth deformities in children and an estimated three million cases of other major health maladies including respiratory cancer, skin disease, heart disease and diabetes.
The most comprehensive study done to date on Agent Orange confirms high dioxin contamination of human blood and breast milk, the article said, adding that the US, however, refuses to recognise any study on the effects of Agent Orange in Viet Nam as definitive.
The article said that in 1984, the US Federal High Court confirmed that 180 million USD would be indemnified to the 15,000 war veteran claimants – with heath problems considered caused by Agent Orange.
The magazine urged the international community to support its call for the United Nations to make 10th August each year an International Day for Victims of Chemical Weapons.-Enditem

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