Bummer of a mistake

A Midland doctor, James Brasseur, who said he received a report on a blood sample he had never given in the controversial Dow/University of Michigan dioxin study (see previous item), now says that he misremembered and misspoke, that he had in fact had a sample taken and remembers it clearly and wishes Dr Garabrant and his study very well. He is looking forward to the results of soil and dust testing from his house.
Of his error, Dr Brasseur says, “This mind lapse was a serious error on my part, and I apologize to those of us involved in the dioxin question but more of an apology is due to Dr. Garabrant, his crew and the university. Once again, I apologize and hope this letter will reinforce the credibility of Dr. Garabrant and his study…It was a bummer of a mistake…I never dreamed it would drop a bomb like it did.”
Tell us more about this bomb, Dr Brasseur.
Original Midland Daily News story
Midland Daily News reports the “bummer”

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