Chemical waste from Carbide plant to be removed (says Gaur)

OneIndia, July 27, 2007
Babulal Gaur is referring to surface wastes, and not the thousands of tonnes of underground wastes feeding poison into local aquifers(ed.).
Bhopal, July 27 (UNI) The Madhya Pradesh government has provided Rs 2 crore for removing the chemical waste left out on the premises of the Union Carbide’s pesticide plant after the 1984 gas leak disaster, Bhopal Gas Tragedy Relief Minister Babulal Gaur told the Assembly today.
The chemical residue would be removed on the directive of the High Court, he told Dr Sunilam(SP) in a written reply.
A team, headed by Bhopal Medical College professor, was carrying out survey to assess the impact from the chemical waste on the health of residents of the area, he added.

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