Dave on aerial expedition of Narmada from today

For Narmada situation see: http://www.narmada.org/
And http://www.narmada.org/nba-press-releases/march-2006/ninthday.html
Hindustan Times Correspondent
Bhopal, March 26, 2006
STATE BHARATIYA Janata Party (BJP) general secretary Anil Madhav Dave is embarking upon aerial expedition of Narmada on Monday with the objective to study the river course, match his findings vis-à-vis the Survey of India data, the deforestation resulting in a threat to the river and society. He will submit a comprehensive report to the State Government.
Wreckage of school destroyed by Narmada dam project
Talking to journalists Anil Dave said he would take a round of the river in a four-seater aircraft from March 27. A co-pilot would accompany him. Dave himself has an amateur pilot licence.
He said such an air journey to study the river course and its catchment was being undertaken for the first time. Other firsts in the voyage include its being undertaken without any foreign or Government assistance and by an amateur pilot.
Dave said he had noticed that Narmada course and catchment were changing and it would have a far-reaching impact on the river and the State.
Out of 19 districts the river flowed through 10 districts had the forest area greatly reduced owing to felling of trees and environmental reasons, he said.
He said his journey had spiritual importance too as he would get a glimpse of Amarkantak, Chaunsath Yogini, Bandrabhan, Omkareshwar, Maheshwar and Bharuch temples.
Besides, it could be termed adventurous too. The terrain from Jabalpur to Amarkantak was such that it had many disturbances from the aviation point of view. He said one of his friends who was an industrialist and was manufacturing bio fertiliser had sponsored the survey.
Giving details about the programme he said he would fly to Jabalpur from Bhopal on March 27 morning. He would fly to Amarkantak from Jabalpur in the afternoon and return to Jabalpur in the evening. The next day he would fly to Bhopal in the morning. He would then fly to Indore from Bhopal in the afternoon.
He would cover the Indore-Baroda stretch on March 29. He would come back to Indore on the March 30 morning from where he would fly to Bhopal in the afternoon.

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