David & Layla screens on opening night

Kurdish ‘Layla’- a survivor of Halabja genocide – in David & Layla screens on opening night – Avignon Film Festival, France.
Iranian Hollywood actress SHIVA ROSE playing Kurdish Layla – a survivor of Halabja genocide – in DAVID & LAYLA screens on Opening Night with John Turturro’s film at 23rd Annual Avignon Film Festival, France.
June 22nd @ 22hr.30 (10.30 PM) at CINÉMA VOX, Place de l’Horloge, Avignon.
Shiva Rose as Layla’s film among among Kate Winslet’s & Susan Sarandon’s:
A New York independent film inspired by a true story. Star-crossed lovers David & Layla: Romeo & Juliet in New York with a twist – spice, comedy & politics…via Iraq, Kurdistan & Jerusalem!
Avignon Film Festival: http://www.avignonfilmfest.com/
Film Reviews: http://www.newrozfilms.com

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