Day 11: Skunk News

Fast wise, this day isn’t much different than yesterday. But im not fooled. Eleven days into a fast is the equivalent of 200 feet in a mile run. Best policy is to take it one day at a time. And interesting enough, one sure thing that a fast will automically deliver to your door is a very calm spot where only the ‘now’ is present. Yesterday doesn’t bother you, tomorrow doesn’t bother you. Heck, even Fox News doesn’t bother you.
I had the real unfortunate task of being on Fox News. Hannity and Combes. What can I say. I had only seen them in passing by
a tv set, but their reputation for rabid skunkness was everywhere. I sure didn’t want to do it, disliking talking as I do. But news stations always get these real nice guys to do the coaxing. They just wanted my comment on the Ragiing Grannies version of the star spangled banner and about the hunger strike. There was a choice of Medea Benjamin or myself, and I
was pulling for Medea. After a long conversation in a car, everybody figured Fox goes for the emotional so I should go on.
Lucky for me, I was eight days into the hunger strike and hadn’t had coffee in as long so I was calm to the point of falling off my Fox chair. The skunkness didn’t come right off, it waited on the dark haired one who interrogated me on Cindy Sheehan and everytime I started to say something, Original Skunk yelled, “Answer the question! Answer the question! Yes or no! Yes or no!” After about 4 attempts to say something and being interrupted every time, I finally told Original Skunk to “shut up and let me talk.” So im very appreciative of my newfound calmness. It helps when you go on Skunk News.
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