Day 8: A four-fortyfive am start and a fantastic sunrise

Monday 27th February
We are now in a town called Khatakiya Chouraha, 44 kilometers south of Guna. We are staying at a rest house for government employees.
We walked 32 kilometers today, 21 of them before our first meal. After a quick round of chai, everyone had packed up and left our Ghorapachhar resting spot by about 4:45 a.m. With no moon to light our way it was difficult to see the ground beneath us until the sun rose a couple of hours later. The sun gave us a spectacular greeting — a glowing deep red, it shot rays through some holes in the clouds across half the sky and over the dry, dusty brown landscape.
After an eternity, we finally stopped for the afternoon in an dilapidated, abandoned roadside restaurant building four kilometers past Binaganj. We left there in the late afternoon and walked another eleven kilometers to our present location.
We hope to be in Guna day after tomorrow, and will have another very long walk tomorrow. It is now time for some much needed sleep.
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