Days 11 & 12: Thanks to Dayal Singh of Dudha Dongar and the Sarpanch of Maina, no thanks to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan

Thursday 2nd and Friday 1st March
Spirits are still soaring but most of us are suffering from swollen ankles and niggling blisters.
Since March 3rd, we have covered about 65 kilometers and are now 30 odd kilometers from Shivpuri, the next town. We are still maintaining a brisk pace, however at the cost of about a dozen of us who had to return due to health reasons under the supervision of the Sambhavna doctors.
This includes one-year old Karuna, who seemed to be exhibiting symptoms of pneumonia. No health update from him is available today.
We have requested medical assistance from the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, but like all other appeals, it has elicited no responses from the government.
We have also asked the Collector from the Guna for medical backup, but no help is in sight yet.
All those who returned have pledged to rejoin the march as soon as possible. Rashida Bee and Champa didi are still going strong, inspite of several bouts of respiratory problems.
We will halt at around 4 or 5pm today and reach Shivpuri tomorrow from where we will try to send out a written update.
Meanwhile, we want to thank a couple of people for their gracious hospitality. First, Dayal Singh of village Dudha Dongar for hosting us last night. And the sarpanch of Maina for giving us food supplies and fuel wood, and treating us to a sumptuous meal in a dhaba (roadside cafe).
Again as always, we express their gratitude to all your support, which is giving ua immense strength to carry on.
Note from Nishant, who received this update by phone from Rachna: I apologize in advance for misspelt names of people and villages. The cell phone reception was quite pure. Rachna explicitely told me not to write about her blisters, which are causing her considerable discomfort. So I am not writing, only typing technically. Please ask her about her health next time.
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