Deforestation converting Narmada's fertile lands to ravines

Natural dam on the Narmada
Bhopal, May 8: Claiming that rapid deforestation was converting fertile land on the banks of Narmada river into ravines in 19 districts of Madhya Pradesh, RSS leader and social worker Anil Madhav Dave today sought a ban on felling of trees in jungles falling under its watershed area.
A total ban on felling of trees should be imposed on the banks of Narmada river as deforestation was converting fertile land to useless ravines in 19 districts falling under its watershed area, Dave told reporters, sharing experiences of his aerial tour of the river.
Trees should be planted on the riverbed to prevent this phenomenon, he added.
Claiming to be submiting plan to state government to revive land around Narmada river, the RSS pracharak alleged pollution was at a rise and in last 15 years, the river was slowing down considerably, as per a survey conducted at Manot, Jamtara, Barman Ghat, Sandia, Hoshangabad, Mortakka, Mandleshwar, Rajghat and Gurudeshwar.
Besides seeking measures to prevent pollution, Dave also advocated traditional methods like farming and irrigation, so as to reduce dependence on electricity.

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