Dengue case in state: Precautions only `mantra'

Editorial, Bhopal Central Chronicle, October 6, 2006
Dengue and chikunguniya diseases have created terror in some states. Both these mysterious diseases have shaken up the health authorities. Even though the health authorities have not yet found a sure mechanism to end the menace, yet human beings safety rests with precautions. It is important to create awareness about the disease among the people.
The peaceful state of Madhya Pradesh, in general, has not fallen prey to any epidemic as such. However, the disease chikunguniya has hit the state first and tormented its people the most. Till now the state was safe from dengue fever, but after the death of a person, resident of a place near Bina, in Bhopal due to dengue, the residents of the state are no more safe. Now the only `mantra’ to fight the dreaded fever is `taking all the precautions’. The state’s health department should gird up its loins. A little laxity and the disease will spread all over the state. Health workers need to be deputed in villages. Primary health centres should have adequate stocks of preventive medicines. The doctors who shy away from going to rural areas, should adopt a humanitarian approach at least now, and fulfill their duties towards the citizens. It should be the duty of the health squads to make arrangements so that the dengue or chikunguniya patients reach the district health centres or nearest medical colleges. It is a matter of solace that both these diseases have not taken an epidemic form in the state. However, this is also true that any disease does not come by knocking the doors. Thus the message is clear for the health staff to be ever ready to meet any situation.

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