Diane now five days without food

Today, we had this worrying report concerning Diane: “five days into her fast and according to her sister not looking very good. But another source in the jail says she’s looking okay. If she continues her fast there’s a good chance she might be force fed or transferred to a jail with medical facilities or a containment (mental asylum sort of) facility. Her sister’s opened an account for her so she can buy the bare necessities. Nothing’s allowed from outside. Prisoners are forced to buy essentials from the jail authorities. Her biggest problem is boredom and morale.”

Our correspondent adds this appeal: “Please send her letters of support. If you wish to send her books, they need to be in their original bookstore plastic wraps.” Victoria County, Law Enforcement, Jails, Sheriff’s Department, 101 North Glass Street, Victoria, TX 77901. Tel: 361 574 8044 Ext 2269 for prison.

***WONDERFUL NEWS just in from Texas. Minutes ago we learnt that Diane has been persuaded to appeal her conviction, meaning she could be free on a bail bond by tomorrow. We’ll keep you informed as soon as we know more.

Diane with friends during her fast in Seadrift, August 2002

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