Diane under arrest after crashing Cheney fundraiser

6th Dec., 8.35pm CDT
Houston, TX
Dear All,
I just got back from the city courthouse after making an unsuccesful attempt to bail her out.
I was told by her attorney that bail had been set for $1500. Charge – using false identity. Jodie Evans (Code Pink) said she could put up the money so I borrowed from a friend and went over. The officer at the bail desk also confirmed the amount but asked us to wait until she had been received there from the holding facility. But after she was received and processed at the bondsdesk, they realised that she had an outstanding charge from Calhoun County (that’s the Dow one she’s been defying). So they slapped on another $2,000 for that charge.
This leaves us with two options:
1. Find a bonding company that’s willing to put up the money and we put up anywhere between 10%-40% of the bail amount. Her attorney does not recommend this because she’s publicly defied the Calhoun County criminal charge. After being released in Houston, if she does not turn herself in at Victoria, then she’ll have the added hassle of being chased by the bondsmen.
2. We put up $3,500 and get her out. She’ll have to stay in there until we can raise so much. There’s no telling where she’ll be moved after the court hearing on the 13th. This would be a better option since it would allow her to continue defying the previous criminal charge, which is probably what she’ll want.
David Gray, who’s one of the local organisers of yesterday’s action, and I, decided that it was not our place to make this decision without discussing consequences of the above options with Diane. We won’t be allowed to speak with her before 5pm tomorrow. Until then I will shop around for a bailbondsman and also try to raise $3,500.
Would appreciate advice, support, ideas…anything we can get.
Krishnaveni Gundu
“When I give food to the poor they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.” Dom Helder Camara.

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