Diane Wilson interviews, petition and update

Diane’s first radio interview post her release on the 17th of Feb:
Scroll down to ‘KPFT Local News’ for 17th Feb ’06 and click on ‘Play’.
Podcast recorded on March 3rd.
Interview with Dennis Bernstein on ‘Flashpoints’ KPFA
Photo story of her release at:
Note from the Bhopal campaign:
Dear Diane Wilson Supporters,
We would like to share with you a recent update about the Bhopal campaign. Days after her release Bhopal survivors launched an 800km trek to New Delhi to deliver their demands to India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. They are now 17 days into their journey. Support has increased and spirits are high.
Earlier this month supporters in New Delhi in collaboration with the “We for Bhopal” group organized events to coincide with President Bush’s arrival to India. The group coined the events with an over arching theme of “Bush come back with Warren Anderson” to protest Bush’s visit to India and to raise awareness of the march to New Delhi.
This week Amnesty International has launched a petition to the Prime Minister to address clean water demands in support of the Bhopal survivors’s march to New Delhi.
If you have not signed the petition please go to:
Students for Bhopal are also asking supporters to call the Indian Embassy in D.C. and consulate offices in San Francisco, Chicago, and Houston to support Bhopal demands.
The March Demands:
1. National Commission on Bhopal: Set up a National Commission on Bhopal to address health and economic needs of the impacted community.
2. Provide Safe Drinking Water: Commit full funds to provide clean Kolar water to those drinking poisoned water.
3. Prosecute Union Carbide and Anderson: Set up a Special Prosecution Cell to pursue Bhopal’s outstanding fugitives.
4. Make Dow Clean Up and Pay: Properly assess the contamination and require Dow to clean it up.
5. Blacklist Dow and Union Carbide: Stop Gov’t purchase of Dow products a nd Dow’s expansion in India until Dow faces its liabilities.
6. Remember Bhopal: Do not undertake any activities to memorialize the disaster without full survivor support and participation; declare the anniversary a national holiday.
Send a FREE FAX to the Prime Minister of India here:
More information about the March to Delhi!
Read the latest updates on the M2D blog!
In reaction to Diane Wilson’s stance on Bhopal and recent jail sentence we are asking supporters to send a message to governor Perry of Texas to require penalties against Dow and others for not complying with environmental laws. Please go to http://ga4.org/campaign/texasLaws and take action now!
Many thanks for your time and support.

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