Dogs feast on bodies of newborn babies in Madhya Pradesh

Three gory incidents of dogs carrying and eating bodies of newborn human babies have come to fore in Madhya Pradesh.
A dog was found eating a newborn’s body at Malwa village in Malwa region on June 21.
A source said the mother, who is now cooling her heels behind the bars, had hidden the newborn in a box, which the dog opened and took away the body. The body has been sent for post-mortem.
Similarly, Bhopal police on June 20 recovered the body of a newborn baby, whose head was eaten up by a dog in Hamidia Hospital campus in Bhopal.
‘The parents had buried their child’s body and the dog dug it out and brought it to the campus,’ a police official said.
‘On June 18, a dog was moving around with the body of a newborn child near the district hospital in Shivpuri. An intravenous drip was attached to the body. The dog had flesh in his mouth,’ a source said.
‘The body might have been abandoned by the parents after he died in the hospital. But what was the hospital staff doing?’ he asked.
A source in the medical and health department said that these incidents reflected badly on the state government, which boasts of having introduced several schemes and spent millions for reducing infant mortality.
According to data collected last year under the state government’s Child Growth Monitoring Drive, 80,000 children in the state are suffering from severe malnutrition.

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