Dow board member confronted: cries with shame

Okay, maybe not that last part (the pic is a product of wishful thinking and Photoshop). But Dow Board member Jackie Barton, a Professor of Chemistry at CalTech and a former MacArthur “Genius Award” winner, was rudely surprised by a Bhopal supporter on a recent trip to Wesleyan University in Connecticut.
Betty, a Wesleyan student and an active member in Amnesty International, confronted Barton on September 20, 2006, during a private luncheon in her honor. Barton agreed “vehemently” that Dow should support and uphold global human rights standards and professed that Dow is “the greatest” when it comes to human rights.
She must have been joking: Dow has the dubious distinction of being one of the first corporations ever indicted by Amnesty International for their fundamental and widespread violation of human rights in Bhopal. Barton did briefly let her true colors shine: “So, there isn’t going to be a protest, then, right?” It doesn’t take a genius to tell that Barton is more concerned about looking bad than actually saving the lives Dow continues to kill in Bhopal.

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