Dow caught pants down in Texas, New Orleans, Berlin and Chicago. Plus a word in your ear about

Bhopal protests have been cropping up all over the planet where Dow least expects them. On February 17, Diane Wilson and others attended a Dow banquet at Lake Jackson, Texas where they were received with all the joy and hospitality Macbeth showed to Banquo’s ghost. Read about it here.
Bhopal campaigners turned up to picket Dow’s New Orleans office with some good looking posters and handed out information to passers by.
International Women’s Day saw an open-air protest in Berlin, and Bhopal supporters staged an action at a trade fair in Chicago where Dow was peddling its poisonous wares.
For more on these last three actions please visit our new Actions and Press pages, anent which a word.
Bhopal.Net is an archaeological midden of hidden treasures, hidden being the operative, it has become discombobulatingly difficult to navigate, thanks to the accumulation of layer upon layer of html pages, piled haphazardly one upon the other. We could simply trash the site and start over again, using modern software to database everything, but that would make us horribly corporate, besides which the old site and its evolution is itself part of the history of the Bhopal struggle and it is quite fascinating to dig up old pages and discover news, events and information we thought had been lost forever. Truthfully, this writer has spent hours combing the internet for information only to find that the source is
So mister, what to do? As Johnny Walker used to say in the old Guru Dutt movies. Don’t know who is Johnny Walker?

Arré baba, click here right away.
Following tradition, we have decided to preserve the old site untouched in its entirety as an archaeological curiosity, but create a new entry and navigation system. There will soon be a triple front-page of interlinked Opinion, Action and Press Releases. These are blog-powered, which gives all the usual features like easily accessed archives and enable readers who have registered to add comments.
The site navigation will operate from the left column and will be identical in all three pages. It will lead to a layer of category pages from which in turn we intend to sink links to every page, file, photograph, report, feature, news item, in short every resource on this huge (2,000 page +) website.
This will take some time, so for the moment, if you go to Actions, Opinion or Press Releases, you will find that the left links don’t yet work. Please return here to continue your researches and if it all proves too much, have a cup of tea and send us an email. In fact, why not send us an email anyway, just for laffs, who wouldn’t?”>

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