Dow Chairman joins Bush in India

TIMES NEWS NETWORK[ MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2006 12:18:40 AM] NEW DELHI: Call it convergence of business and politics. Even as US President George Bush lands in Delhi later this week, a high-profile delegation of 25 CEOs are also zooming in on the capital. This A team comprises members from the largest US corporations, Indian companies as well as Indian Americans.
Among CEOs who will be in Delhi with the presidential mission are Paul Hanrahan, president, CEO and director, AES Corporation; Robert H Benmosche, chairman & CEO MetLife; William Cohen, former US secretary of defence and chairman and CEO, The Cohen Group; David Cote, chairman & CEO, Honeywell International; Harold McGraw, chairman, president & CEO, McGraw Hill; Martin J. Sullivan, president and CEO of American International Group; Andrew N Liveris, chairman and CEO of Dow Chemical; Patricia F. Russo, chairman & CEO, Lucent Technologies; Stephen A. Schwarzman/ Peter Peterson, senior chairman and CEO of the Blackstone Group & John A. Thain, CEO, NYSE.
The list also includes Henry Paulson, chairman & CEO, Goldman Sachs; James Quigley, vice chairman, Merrill Lynch; Hemendra Kothari, partner of Merrill Lynch in India; Lakshmi Narayanan, president & CEO Cognizant Technologies; Lawrence Killner, chairman & CEO/Jeffery Smisek, president, Continental Airlines; Henry A McKinnell Jr, chairman & CEO, Pfizer and Jerry Speyer, president & CEO, Tishman-Speyer.
US industry appreciates the business acumen and dynamism of India, its extraordinary talent pool and the discipline of a committed work ethic,” said Ron Somers, president of United States-India Business Council (USIBC), the organisation which is bringing the CEOs together in India.
It is heartening that our governments are making it a priority to encourage and foster convergence of these two powerful economies and the alignment of two great democracies,” said Ron Somers, president of United States-India Business Council (USIBC), the organisation which is bringing the CEOs together in India.
He arrived in Delhi this weekend, ahead of the Presidential visit. Heena Jhaveri, director, USIBC and Daniel W. Christman from US Chamber of Commerce are also part of the USIBC team.
While USIBC, which has a membership of 176 of the largest US companies investing in India, has been working towards greater trade ties between the two countries, some of the team members also belong to the high-powered CEOs Forum which was launched last year when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited Washington DC.
The CEO Forum, which has an official engagement scheduled with the US President in Delhi, was supported by the Bush Administration and brings together 10 US blue-chip companies with 10 outstanding Indian ones.
Prominent USIBC board members include Scott Bayman president & CEO General Electric India; Sanjay Bhatnagar, chairman & CEO, THOT Capital; PC Chatterjee, president, The Chatterjee Group; Dinesh Keskar, president, Aircraft Trading SVP, sales, The Boeing Company; Pavan Nigam, chairman & CEO, Cendura Corporation; Dinesh Paliwal, chairman and CEO, ABB Inc. Americas; Raj Rajadhyaksha, chairman & CEO, DLZ Corporation; Nikhil Sinha, president & CEO, eMR Technology Ventures; Dilip R. Vellodi, chairman & CEO, The Sutherland Group and Frank Wisner, vice-chairman, American International Group.

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