Dow Chemical issue: Activists demand Lok Adalat

Express news service, February 24, 2008
Pune, February 23 Activists protesting against the Dow Research and Development (R&D) centre in Shinde village in Pune district have proposed a Lok Adalat for a face-to-face hearing with company officials. Around 200 activists from “Remove Dow, Save Pune” movement, which many local organisations have also joined, on Saturday, gathered at Alka chowk with banners and shouted slogans against the company for five hours. With the company having issued huge advertisements in local newspapers, the activists have proposed a Lok Adalat on March 14. According to Neeraj Jain from Lokayat, retired High Court judges Suresh Hospet and and Justice GG Lone have given their consent to hear the case at Shramik Bhavan.

Jain said a summons will be issued to company officials for the same. Though the government-appointed committee report to redress the issue will soon be out, the activists want a public hearing and “do not want the company in the district.’’
A Dow holi has been planned at Pandavnagar at Wadarwadi on March 21 and a Tukaram beej programme on March 23 will see a Warkari morcha from Dehuroad to Dow in Shinde village, said Jain. Meanwhile, Hamal Panchayat’s Baba Adhav said that in the wake of skirmishes caused by political parties, a simple appeal against the company’s presence is falling on deaf ears.

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