Dow Chemical shares principles for chemical management systems, November 8, 2006
MIDLAND, MI, Nov. 8, 2006 – Dow Chemical has published a set of company Principles for Chemical Management Systems that it describes as an important initial step towards achieving the company’s 2015 Product Safety Commitment goals.
These principles describe Dow’s views on science-based chemicals management policy, which are fundamental to effective product safety legislation or regulation. Approval and publication of these principles is actually another step in a long legacy of Dow leadership in the area of EH&S. This is consistent with Dow’s commitment to Responsible Care in leading the development of responsible governmental requirements that safeguard our communities, workplaces and the environment.
The principles were originally developed in the late 1990s, as Dow defined its positions on emerging chemicals management policy around the world. Dow shared these positions with other chemical producers at the American Chemistry Council (ACC), which adopted similar principles earlier this year. A consistent set of principles is currently being evaluated by the International Council of Chemical Associations, whose Board of Directors is expected to adopt such principles this fall.
“We believe that there needs to be adequate information available to assess potential chemical risks to human health and the environment, and approaches need to be in place to effectively manage those risks,.” said Greg Bond, Dow’s Corporate Director of Product Responsibility. “These principles will help guide our behavior, our interactions with others in the supply chain and help shape our advocacy with government and other external stakeholders.”
The completion of these principles will provide a basis from which to build consensus in the chemical industry for the development of effective chemicals management policy. Furthermore, the principles will guide industry efforts around the world to work with governments and other stakeholders to develop workable and effective chemicals management policies.

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