'Dow Chemicals seeking immunity in Bhopal gas tragedy'

Express India, April 22, 2008
New Delhi, April 22: A CPI member on Tuesday claimed that the US-based multinational Dow Chemicals is trying to seek immunity in the Bhopal gas tragedy case in return for investments in India.
“Today, Dow Chemicals is trying to influence the highest offices in the country – bargaining for immunity in return for investments,” D Raja said in the Zero Hour in the Rajya Sabha.
He said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had assured the survivors of the December 1984 gas tragedy that he would do everything within law to hold Union Carbide and Dow Chemicals accountable.
“In these two years of unkept promises, more than 720 people have died because of gas related illnesses,” he said, adding several children have been born with grotesque deformities.
Raja alleged that by “manipulating” officials in the Agriculture Ministry, Dow Chemicals has managed to get registered three pesticides in India, one of which is banned in the US.
“Dursban, one of the three pesticides, is proven dangerous to children. It cannot be sold for home or garden use in the US but it is freely available in India,” he said. Raja was supported by his Left party colleagues and SP.

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