Dow employee receives GENESIS Award

MIDLAND, Mich. — The Dow Chemical Company recently announced the 2006 Recipients of the GENESIS Award for Excellence in People Development. Curtis Swisher of Dow Texas Operations in Freeport was selected for this honor. Part of a very exclusive group — 21 out of 42,000 people — the GENESIS recipients are chosen for sustained excellence in people development, contributing to a workforce focused on bringing out the best in others.
The GENESIS recipients from Dow make a charitable donation to the agency of their choice.
Swisher, a research manager for Hydrocarbons and energy R&D, has been with Dow for 23 years. During his career, his colleagues have come to recognize him as a fearless coach who inspires them to do the right thing. He has created eight people-development workshops, which he presents to a variety of internal Dow audiences, and has written papers about adult learning and leadership coaching. He is the featured author of Career Corner for the Gulf Coast Technologist quarterly newsletter and publishes a monthly Career Tips bulletin. One new leader said he’s seen an almost 300 percent improvement in his own group’s performance since consulting with Swisher.
Swisher’s passion for helping people extends well beyond the workplace. In his spare time, Swisher tutors at a local elementary school and coaches a children’s basketball league. He also participates in mission projects in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Kenya. A colleague summed it up by saying “When I work with him, its obvious how much he cares about people.”
As part of the GENESIS Award recognition, The Dow Chemical Company will make a charitable contribution on Swisher’s behalf to The Jesus Film Project, the charitable organization of his choice.
A sample story from The Jesus Film Project
A Hindu Priest Considers Jesus
Last summer, a group of Americans visited the island nation of Fiji. They talked with a Hindu priest about the life of Jesus and explained several biblical concepts to him.
Seeing the benefit of following Jesus, the priest then wanted to make Christ one of his many gods.
That night, as he watched the Crucifixion scene in the film, he started to cry. After the showing, a team member stood before the crowd to summarize what they had seen. He emphasized Christ as the ONE and ONLY true God.
The Hindu priest understood. He approached the team member afterward to thank him for sharing the truth, and promised to destroy his Hindu temple and put a Bible in its place.
Today, a Christian church stands on the site where the temple used to be.

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