Dow spits on Bhopal; spends $100 million on baseball

Dow’s had a good year. In 2005, Dow enjoyed revenues of $46 billion and profits – profits alone, mind you – of $4.5 billion (yes that’s with a ‘b’). 2005 was so much better than 2004, when Dow earned only $2.8 billion in profit. Cry yourself a river.
But Dow is nice, Dow is sweet; Dow is the teddy bear you hug at night. And they don’t want you to forget it. That’s why they just gave $100 million to the Dow Chemical Company Foundation, so named so your gratitude isn’t misplaced. Thank Dow. Thank Dow. Love Dow.
And what might Dow’s blessed money be spent on? No doubt you’re wondering. Bhopal? Heavens no! Why would Dow spend anything to end the contamination there – that would only save lives, and we can’t have that. I mean, Dow may be generous and all, but only a fool would bite the hand that feeds you. Dow and death have been lip-locked for decades.
So where is all that money going? I must tell you. Baseball.

Among a myriad of other community needs across the nation, the new pot is a place from which money can be drawn and given to the Michigan Baseball Foundation, which is the mode of transportation for bringing a new minor league baseball stadium and team to Midland. While a number of local foundations are expected to contribute to the effort, Dow is one of them.

Dow loves baseball
Who doesn’t love baseball?

“The company’s ability to present itself as a good corporate citizen is multifaceted. Corporate giving is one of them,” said Bo Miller, director of corporate citizenship and global contribution and president and CEO of the Dow Foundation. “Oh, and Bhopal? Shit on you.”

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