Dow swings the carrot before the ass

The Economic Times, 10 Sep, 2007
Just in case ministers had briefly forgotten what rewards await them if they will only allow themselves to yield to temptation, tantalising, coquettish Dow is flaunting its charms Delhi-wards once more. In what amounts to a ‘dance of the corporate veils’, all the PMO’s office need do to gain the union it so desires – a $1 billion injection of Dow’s assets – is affirm the legalistic lie of Dow’s separateness from Union Carbide via the Law Ministry. The image that arises from this game of seduction is that of two libidinous lovers unable to end their mutual frustration thanks to an unseemly infection. It’s an infection the survivors of Bhopal will not cease from aggravating. Ed.
Dow Chem sees 50% R&D done here
HYDERABAD: Plastic and chemicals major Dow Chemical International is looking to expand its R&D presence in India. This would help the company leverage on the high quality talent pool available here to create process excellence.
In the next five years, Dow expects 50% of its core R&D activities to be done out of India. The company is also evaluating setting up a manufacturing facility in the country.
If a decision is taken, Dow would join the league of companies planning to set up shop in petrochemical SEZ. “Dow has 150 manufacturing facilities in 37 countries and a separate team evaluating pros and cons of a manufacturing base in India,” said Dow’s director Peter G Halloran.
“We have set up an R&D centre in Pune focusing on chemistry. The centre employs over 100 people. We are looking at scaling up the headcount to 500 in about three years. Besides, we have an engineering R&D centre in Chennai, which houses over 100 people.
The headcount there will be ramped up to 1,000 in over two years,” he said on the sidelines of the global supply chain summit orgainsed by the Indian School of Business. Dow Chem has partnered TCS for a shared services division in Mumbai, which is a BPO unit doing high-end back office work.
“The headcount at this centre will also be enhanced from 250 to 1,000 in about three years,” he said.In an effort to mitigate the risk of rising oil prices on its supply chain, the company is also reducing its dependency on oil. “We are procuring natural gas from the Middle East and this will, to some extent, off-set the rising cost of oil on our entire supply chain. We have formed a JV with a Libyan company to procure gas and is looking at another partnership in China,” he said.

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