Dow’s bucks: where do they stop?

The story below about the Dow bribery scandal that we published back in May now looks more than a little ironic. Even as the Indian government was promising action against Dow Chemical to members of the Rajya Sabha, the Upper House of India’s Parliament, its officials were deeply involved with trying to get the chemical giant off the Bhopal hook.
The stench of corruption hangs over the whole affair.
One wonders about the motives of the officials who have secretly been so keen to help Poison Incorporated. Where exactly does the Dow buck stop?
Indian government assures action against Dow Chemicals
The Statesman, New Delhi, May 4, 2007
NEW DELHI, May 4: The government today assured that it would take
action against Dow Chemicals, the multinational company which took
over the controversial Union Carbide in 2001, if the company is found
guilty with respect to reports that it bribed Indian officials to get
its products registered.
Ms Brinda Karat of the CPI-M alleged in the Rajya Sabha that these
products are banned in the US and other developed countries due to
adverse effect on children, and demanded blacklisting of the company.
The issue was raised by BJP MP S S Ahluwalia who cited reports of US
Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) about confessions by Dow
Chemicals regarding it having bribed Indian officials some years ago
for securing approval of its products.
The MP also queried the minister about the MNC allegedly pressuring
the government to get rid of its financial liability for clean up of
the Bhopal toxic waste.

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