Firm accepts 'moral responsibility' for mess. (Sounds familiar, means nothing: Union Carbide took "moral" responsibility for Bhopal.)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – The company that unloaded chemical waste blamed for the deaths of 10 people in Ivory Coast has said it accepts moral, but not legal, responsibility for the incident, Dutch media reported on Wednesday.
The Dutch state broadcaster NOS cited Eric de Turckheim, co-founder of the commodities broker Trafigura Beheer BV, as speaking at a press conference in London.
Officials for Trafigura in London and at its headquarters in Amstelveen, Netherlands, could not be reached late on Wednesday to confirm the NOS report.
Trafigura says it contracted properly with an Ivory Coast company called Tommy to dispose of the waste that was found dumped in residential neighbourhoods of Abidjan in the weeks after August 19.

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