Flooding update: Our plans to help

1. Appeal to doctor’s bodies (Private Medical Practitioners Association, Junior Doctors Association, BMHRC doctors) for medical volunteers to go to the clinic and work in health camps
2. Appeal to paramedical college students to volunteer to take samples of blood and prepare slides.
3. Common illnesses expected: malaria (complicated by many cases of chloroquine resistant malaria), diarrhoea/vomiting, jaundice, skin diseases, typhoid. also expected leptospirosis which is spreading in surat and other places that have recently been flooded.
4. Causes for the flood : unusually heavy rain, unregulated construction choking drainage channels, use of polythene carrier bags caused drains to clog, global warming/climate change.
5. Sambhavna’s community health workers will complete a survey of more than 20 bastis by tomorrow, recording:
– approximate numbers affected in each basti
– the impact of the flood
– facilities, if any, provided by the government
– common symptoms among people
– main needs.
6. Explore possibilities of donating water purifying tablets and medicines.
7. Provide health education (a pamphlet is already being written) on common illnesses caused by flooding.
8. Bastis on which we will focus:
Shiv Nagar, Shivshakti Nagar, Preet Nagar, Oriya Basti, Kalyan Nagar, Shankar Nagar, Atal-Ayub Nagar, Gareeb Nagar, Teela Jamalpura, Dwarka Nagar, Kainchi Chhola, Congress Nagar, PGBT College, Sundar Nagar, Shaheen Colony, Rajgarh Colony, Ibrahimganj, Labour Colony.
Making a donation to help the flood relief work
Donations can be made online to the Bhopal Medical Appeal, which funds the work of the Sambhavna Trust Clinic, by clicking here now.
Please note, the Bhopal Medical Appeal is a project of the Pesticide Action Network, UK, and so the receipt on your credit card statement will say PESTICIDE ACTION NETWORK.

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