French Attaque rocks Bhopal

Jeudi 15 Avril, Bhopal
For the citizens of Bhopal, it was an amazing night when the famous French rock band Louise Attaque rocked the city.

Though most of the songs put forth by the band were French, the band for whom this was their fourth concert in India after Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai, language it seemed, was not a problem, as the audience lapped up every bit of what the band put up at the show.
Listen to a sample, a song called Du Nord au Sud (From North to South).
The fast rhythm and music mesmerised them.
“We feel very nice. We are enjoying a lot. The rock band that has come in Bhopal has made us feel very nice. This is a good way of spreading French culture here. Such concerts should be organised more in Bhopal. We are enjoying a lot. This is a new beginning here,” said Shweta, a spectator.
“This programme is very good. The music brought alive the whole concert. Such concerts should be held more. We felt very nice today. We enjoyed it a lot,” said Sahil, another spectator.
For the band members who performed at the concert following arrangements made by the Alliance Alliance Francaise de Bhopal, it was a unique experience.
Though it has won the musical group of the year award way back in 1999 and put up performances in many countries and sold around
2. 5 crore albums till date, for the four band members, Gaton Roosan (vocalist), Robin Fax (guitarist), Alexander Manrek (Drummer) and Arno Samuel (violinist), performing in India was unique in itself.
“It is a French band called Louise Attaque. It is a rock band. It is very special because it speaks of different styles of music but it is our style now. We like to travel very much and every place here is very different. We went to Mumbai, Kolkata and today we are in Bhopal and each time we meet different people in a different place, sometimes very noisy and sometimes very crowded and sometimes not so noisy and not so crowded as here,” said Arno Samuel, the violinist of the band.
“As regards the Indian audience, I would agree with what Robin said. People here are very generous and they keep smiling. They are interesting and they are curious and we try to give them what we are and its cool,” said Gaton Roosan, the band’s vocalist.
Visit the band’s website.

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