Gas-hit demonstrate at CM house

Staff Reporter, Central Chronicle, March 15, 2007
Bhopal, Mar 14: Over 1000 survivors of the Union Carbide disaster, protesting against the indifferent attitude of the state government towards the suffering of the people, on Wednesday, demonstrated in front of the residence of the Chief Minister. They bitterly criticised the Chief Minister for remaining apathetic towards the health condition of the six supporters who have been fasting for the last 9 days, demanding medical care, economic and social rehabilitation and protection from UC poisons.
The protestors said that while Union Carbide’s poisons are still killing people, the survivors are also dying untimely deaths because of the state government’s failure in providing proper medical care and rehabilitation.
Goldman environmental prize winner Rasheeda Bi, Guddi Bi, Jabbar Khan, Shahjad Bi, Rachna Dhingra and Satinath Sarangi on indefinite fast for the last nine days. The health of all the six persons on fast are being monitored by doctors from the Gandhi Medical College and according to the latest reports the health of all the six is deteriorating.
It may be mentioned here that the chief minister, who had earlier promised to accept all `logical and lawful’ demands of the gas affected remains to respond to the specific demands of the protestors even after nine days of fast.

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