Gas victims write to Ahmadi: Bhopal hospital funds misused

The Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Udhyog Sanganthan has written a letter to Justice AM Ahmadi, Chairman of Bhopal Memorial Hospital Trust, to draw his attention to the poor condition of the hospital.
The 17-point letter raises some critical issues. It asks why so many senior posts are vacant. Some departments are on the verge of closing down for lack of medical staff.
The hospital, even after 6 years of functioning, has not opened its long-promised transplant unit. The BGPMUS asks why general patients are being privately admitted when there are no facilities available for the gas victims for whom the hospital was supposedly built.
The hospital’s administration has denied allegations that it has refused to treat patients with heart and kidney ailments
The BGPMUS letter demands that authorities explain why patients are forced to go outside for check ups and medical tests despite the fact that such treatments are supposed to be available free of cost at the hospital.
It expresses a worry that funds meant for research are being misused as no research topics have yet been declared.
The hospital administration’s habit of making direct appointments (without advertising posts) raises suspicions, the letter says.
Expensive electronic equipment bought for the hospital is apparently not working properly even within its warranty period. The hospital’s mini-units have not issued smart cards to gas victims.
No action has been taken in the matter of Sir Ian Percival, who took Rs 11 crores of rupees to London during 1994-98. The hospital’s accounts have not yet been made public. The revised pay scale for the staff and paramedical staff has not been implemented.
The letter raises further questions regarding hospital transport, including cars for managers, and ambulances. BGPMUS has also demanded clarification of the progress of ten proposed mini units.

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