Govt. unable to accept Tata’s offer to mediate with Dow: Montek

The Hindu, July 12, 2007
Signs of surprising efficiency within the government of India? Within two weeks of the ICJB releasing the PMO Files, Montek Singh, one of the officials exposed as a conspirator, declares that the Tata plan to bail out Dow has been shelved…
New delhi, PTI, July 12: Industry doyen Ratan Tata has offered to negotiate with Dow Chemicals for a settlement on cleaning Bhopal Gas accident site, but the government cannot accept it, Planning Commission has said.
“Ratan Tata has made a proposal to government that he is willing to lead remediation efforts. But actually it turns out that it’s not going to happen because the court has already directed the government to stop the process of remediation, which we are doing,” Planning Commission Deputy Chairman told the state-run Lok Sabha television.
Tata, who is the chief of the salt-to-software group is also heading the Investment Commission, which facilitates inflow of FDI into the country.
The Bhopal Gas Tragedy, which occurred due to leakage of toxic gases from the plant of Union Carbide in December 1984 had killed many people and affected thousands.
Although the issue of compensation to victims of disaster has been settled by the Supreme Court, the problems concerning the cleaning up of the site of toxicity remains for which the NGOs had filed a case in the Madhya Pradesh High Court.
Ahluwalia further told the channel that “I think it is absolutely vital that site remediation should take place. So there is no dispute on that.”

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