Greenpeace: close all Swedish nuclear plants now

Greenpeace has called for all Swedish nuclear reactors to be shut down immediately, after a serious fault at the Forsmark nuclear plant. The environmental campaigning organization said that there is a risk that other nuclear plants in Sweden have the same problem.
The Forsmark incident, which one Swedish nuclear expert called the most serious nuclear incident since Chernobyl, was due to a construction fault built into the reactor in 1993. The Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate (SKI) is now asking other nuclear power stations to report whether their reactors have similar design faults.
The view from Forsmark out to sea (above) and inland (below)
Greenpeace says this should lead to all Swedish plants being shut until they can guarantee they do not have similar faults.
“If SKI is saying that the safety problem is so great that Forsmark cannot open again for the time being, then they’d better close all reactors.”
Anders Bredfell, spokesman for SKI, said the organization was waiting for analyses from Sweden’s other nuclear plants, which he said were due to be handed in on Wednesday evening.
“If we find that one or other of the plants has the same problem, it would be classed as a class 1 fault on our scale, and that would mean they have to shut.”
While it was possible that the other plants had the same problem, it was not likely, Bredsell said.

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