Halloween: Dow is Death

On Halloween – Oct. 31st, 2005 – students at schools across the country organized events linking Dow with Death. “Halloween is the perfect time to highlight the unholy alliance that Dow and Death seem to have made,” said Deepa Pendse, a member of AID-Ann Arbor.
Body outlines, sketched in chalk, punctuated the sidewalk around the Dow Laboratory at the University of Michigan, and on the Tufts University campus as well. Students wrote the names of the victims to remember the individual tragedy and loss that so many people in Bhopal felt on THAT NIGHT. At Tufts and Boston University, the Boston Coalition for Justice in Bhopal gathered signatures for the “Don’t Work for Dirty Dow” pledge and handed out fliers with the message that “Dow profits from Death.” Students were also haunted by the Dow Grim Reaper, making special appearances at two prominent universities.
Most famous for the death he spread in Bhopal, Vietnam, and Nicaragua, the Dow Grim Reaper emphasized that his legacy extends around the world, and gleefully posed for a front-page photograph in the Michigan Daily.

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