Here it is, hard irrefutable evidence of government ignorance, laziness and incompetence, all in a few glorious soundbytes. Laugh? We nearly died. 2014 Editor’s Note: The recording mentioned is no longer available.

Here is a recording of last night’s meeting between the hunger strikers, the Superintendent District Magistrate and the Additional District Magistrate who had come bearing a letter from the Chief Minister and his “government”.
Listen and it quickly becomes evident that the politicians and bureaucrats do not know what they are talking about, they do not even know what they themselves have previously promised. This is so ludicrous that it would be funny, if people weren’t getting ill and dying – if children weren’t being born deformed.
Here is the evidence, listen for yourself.

If you don’t speak Hindi (and there is some pretty quaint stuff in among the constipated officialese of the ministers’ letter) get hold of a Hindi speaker. We will publish a translation as soon as we have had time to make one.

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