Honey bees join Bhopal campaign

Senior officials of the “clean-up” Task Force constituted by Madhya Pradesh High Court, were set upon by honey bees at the Union Carbide plant site on Friday.
Bhopal Collector Sanjay Shukla and two others were injured badly enough to require hosppital treatment. All were later discharged.
The High Court has constituted the Task Force to monitor disposal of chemical wastes from Union Carbide Plant. Members, including the Chairman of MP Pollution Control Board, PS Dubey, Dr Tapan Chaturvedi of National Environment Research Institute, Nagpur, (NEERI) a senior scientist from the Centre for Science and Environment Study, Bhopal Collector Sanjay Shukla, the Principal Secretary, Gas Relief Department and others were visiting the plant when honey bees attacked them.
The unexpected attack left the officials shocked and the bees stung most of them before they could run for cover. No official comment could be obtained from the members of Task Force.
It is not known precisely where in the 66-acre site the attack took place. Large areas of it are so badly contaminated with pesticides that no insects survive there, even 21 years after the factory was closed.
Spokespersons for the bees were not available to talk to us but the attack may have been in revenge for the massacre of millions of innocent insects: at least that is the buzz.
Meanwhile the massacre of twenty thousand humans continues to go unpunished.

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