Host activist and author Diane Wilson on your campus this fall!

Fisherwoman Defies Jail Sentence
As Chemical Company Evades Justice
On October 3rd, the District Attorney of Texas ordered Diane Wilson to start a jail sentence for criminal trespass resulting from chaining herself to a 70 foot tower to hand a banner at the Dow Chemical Plant to demand justice for Bhopal Survivors. Now Diane has said she will not go to jail until former Union Carbide CEO Warren Anderson returns to India to turn himself in for the corporate crimes Dow (UCC’s parent company) is evading. See the full story by Russel Mokhiber in the October 10th Corporate Crime Reporter and here on
While on the lam, Diane Wilson will avoid setting foot in Texas by touring nationally, raising awareness about Dow Chemical and supporting her new book, An Unreasonable Woman: A True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, Polluters, and the Fight for Seadrift, Texas.
We are trying to put Diane on as many college campuses as possible across the country, to speak out and share her own brand of inspiration grassroots activism with students. We are acting immediately to keep Diane from being silenced, so we are happy to discuss creative and cooperative ways of covering transportation and lodging costs. If you are interested in bringing Diane to your school this fall, please contact Erin Hanrahan
| 802-295-6300 x106.
In the last week, Diane has been invited to tell her story publicly on
WAMU’s Diane Rehm Show,Pacifica Radio’s Democracy Now!, Grist
and NPR’s Living on Earth.
Current dates and locations for Diane Wilson events are as follows:
October 14-18: Bioneers Keynote Speaker, San Rafael, CA
November 17-19: Pacific Marine Expo, Seattle, WA
November 20, 7:30: PMPowell’s Bookstore, Portland, OR
If you would like more information about Diane, please contact Erin Hanrahan at Chelsea Green Publishing or visit our online press kit:
Erin Hanrahan
Chelsea Green Publishing Company
802-295-6300 x106
PO Box 428 | 85 North Main Street
White River Junction VT 05001

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