Human chain Condemns Delhi Police Violence Against Bhopali Kids

Chennai, June 12, 2008
June 11 Bhopal protest 006xs.jpg
Unlike other days, Chennai weather was pretty favorable for those of us who prepared for the human chain in the evening, which would condemn the Delhi Police violence against peaceful Bhopali protestors.
Shweta, in 3 day of her hunger fast, was tirelessly writing placards of slogans like “shame shame, Delhi police”, “Do Justice, Not Violence”, “Beating Bhopali kids, act of Cowardice” and some more in tamizh and English with other young volunteers.
June 11 Bhopal protest 021x.jpg
A young supporter signs the banner
By around 5 in the evening nearly 80 of us gathered at Elliots Beach, the venue for the human chain.
June 11 Bhopal protest 001x.jpg
The supporters including, 20 kids from Olcott memorial School, 6 kids from Vidyasagar school for the differently abled, other friends and youngest supporter, less than two year old Madhura, with bright red bandana stood in a row facing the road demanding “Justice for Bhopal and the kids who were beaten up by wicked Delhi Police”.
June 11 Bhopal protest 002x.jpg
Differently abled children from Vidyasagar School, Chennai
June 11 Bhopal protest 003x.jpg
After remembering the reason behind the human chain with pain and anger, supporters were informed about the solidarity hunger fast. Four kids (Parthasarathy 16, Amalraj 15, Murugan 16 and Rajkumari 15) from Olcott memorial school volunteered to express solidarity with the Bhopalis by going on hunger strike for a day.
Our human chain came to an end with young volunteers Ciddharth Hande and couple of others singing “Blowing in the Wind” and with the powerful lyrics echoing in our minds we left the place.
June 11 Bhopal protest 004x.jpg
“How many ears must one man have
before he can hear people cry?
How many deaths will it take till he knows
that too many people have died?”

Bob Dylan, Blowin’ in the wind
June 11 Bhopal protest 007x.jpg
Jeny Dolly, Chennai Volunteer

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