ICJB At The WSF 17 – 19 Jan

The ICJB takes part in a number of events at the World Social Forum, Mumbai, this weekend as a member of the Corporate Accountability Caucus. The events focus on challenging corporate crime and include a large panel meeting – see page 2 of this programme (pdf) – a series of testimonies from corporate crime hit communities and a rally in front of Dow’s Mumbai headquarters. We invite you to also take part in these events: read on for the full schedule, contact information and profiles of speakers available for interview…

International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal
C/o Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Stationery Karmachari Sangh, Near Radha Talkies, Bhopal

Bombay Contact: 9820659202 (Nityanand) or 9820510146 (Vinod Shetty)

The ICJB and the Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Stationery Karmachari Sangh are represented in the Mumbai events in January 2004 by 14 international supporters from various organisations and 170 survivors, including 100 women, 50 men and 20 youth.

The struggle for justice in Bhopal is a struggle against corporate crime and for a better tomorrow. The following events will be organised by Bhopal groups. Item 2 will be organised in collaboration with other organisations including – Amnesty International, Environmental Health Fund, groundWork, Greenpeace, ESCR-Net, FIDH, Earthrights International, and Friends of the Earth International.

This DOC1 contains profiles of speakers available for interview. Events are as follows:

1. January 17, 2004. 5-8 p.m. Testimonies: “Corporate Crime: Testimonies from Affected Communities.” Venue: Hall A3, WSF. The testimony session will include reports from three communities affected by the pollution caused by Dow Chemical’s factories, products or subsidiaries, and testimonies on oil giant Unocal’s human rights violations in Burma and Coca Cola’s water grab in Plachimada, Kerala.

2. January 18, 2004. 1-4 p.m. Panel Discussion/Debate on “Challenging Corporate Crime in a Globalised Economy.” Venue: Hall 2, WSF. Featuring six knowledgeable speakers, including a keynote on Corporate Crime from Bhopal, this panel discussion will present a case for and direction to holding corporations accountable to communities, workers and consumers. Speakers include:

Rasheeda Bi, Bhopal Gas Affected Women Stationery Workers Association, and survivor of the Bhopal disaster (On Dow Chemical and its refusal to address the pending liabilities in Bhopal)

Ka Hsaw Wa, Earthrights International, and Karen refugee-cum-human rights and democracy activist from Burma. (On Unocal’s human rights violations in Burma)

Bobby Peek, groundWork/Friends of the Earth International, South Africa. (On the threats and challenges posed by New Partnership for Africa’s Development –a corporate led initiative to lend a human face to globalisation in Africa)
Irene Khan, Amnesty International, Bangladesh: (On the UN norms for accountability of TNCs)

Gerd Leipold, Greenpeace International: (On the importance of developing international instruments to hold corporations accountable)

Usha Ramanathan, legal researcher involved in the setting up of the International Criminal Court. (On crimes in the corporate context and the challenges in holding corporations criminally liable)

3. 19th January. 9.30 to 1 p.m. Rally Against Corporate Crime: Venue: Dow Chemical’s India headquarters, Sion Chembur Road, Chembur. Demonstration Against Corporate Crime involving victims of corporate crime from around the world. First time that three communities – Vietnamese victims of toxic herbicide Agent Orange sprayed by the US military during Vietnam war; representative of Saginaw county affected by dioxin pollution Dow Chemical’s headquarters in Midland, Michigan; and Bhopal gas affected people. Interested people are requested to assemble at the WSF Camp Accommodation gate at 8 a.m.

Interested media people may register for pick up by calling Nity (9820659202)

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