Indian government's letter confirms that Dow was caught lying

The letter below contains the the Indian government’s confirmation that Indian Oil Corporation’s contract to purchase technology from Dow Chemical has been cancelled because Dow in effect lied about the origins of the processes involved.
Key processes were patented by Union Carbide, which continues to be a criminal fugitive from justice in India. The fact that Dow, which refuses to produce Union Carbide to stand trial in India, thought it could get away with glossing over these facts once again demonstrates the contempt in which it holds Indian politicians, courts and people.
Had it not been for the intervention of the ICJB, the deal would have gone ahead. (See previous article for details of the ICJB campaign.)
Dow should not be allowed to trade in India unless it is willing to obey Indian law and produce its 100% subsidiary for trial in Bhopal, where it is charged with the culpable homicide of 20,000 human beings.
MOP1_Page_1.jpgMOP1_Page_2.jpgDownload the GOI’s letter in PDF format.

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