Indiana University Marks Anniversary

On December 2nd, 2005, the Bloomington chapter of the Association for India’s Development hosted a vigil and documentary screening to mark the 21st anniversary of the world’s worst-ever industrial disaster.
“We had a good turnout for the vigil though the documentary was a washout since we were screening the same one as last year.
“We had the vigil for 2hrs on Dec 2nd at the heart of the campus and close to downtown. Over 20 people joined us and stood thro the bitter cold and held posters. We talked to faculty, students, and staff who passed by and over 30 people stopped and interacted with us braving the cold. We explained about Bhopal and gave them flyers with things they could do to help.
“Unlike last year, this year we did not manage to get media attention for our vigil. We’ll have to work closer with the campus newsdesk to make sure we get press coverage in future.”

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