ISRO to draw up Bhopal development plan

By Indo Asian News Service
Bhopal, April 27 (IANS) The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will use remote sensing technology to draw up a new development plan for Madhya Pradesh’s capital.
‘Keeping in view the next 20 years, Bhopal’s development plan 2006 would be reframed by ISRO,’ said an official of the state’s housing and environment department.
‘Town and country planning, Bhopal, has already signed an agreement with ISRO,’ the official said.
‘The space organisation would make available by the end of this year the necessary maps and particulars of the new development plan through the remote sensing technique.
‘By the adoption of the remote sensing technique in chalking out the development plan, it would be easier to ensure environmental protection and provision of better basic amenities to the citizens.’
This technique will help ensure the optimum and systematic use of the land available in Bhopal and its periphery, he added.
On the necessity of redrawing the earlier plan, the official said: ‘Urbanisation of Bhopal has been much faster, as compared to other cities. So it was necessary to reassess the previous development plan in the wake of the new requirements.’

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