Italian Speaker remembers Seveso

(AGI) – Rome, Jul 10 – Speaker of the House Fausto Bertinotti sent the following message to national secretary Rino Pavanello at the convention organised by the “Environment and Work” association: “Thirty years after the fateful date of July 10, 1976, the tragedy of Seveso still arouses feelings of dismay, regret and worry in all of us. The accident which took place in the Meda ICMESA establishment, with terrible consequences for the people of various other towns in Brianza, was a real environmental disaster, the consequences of which can be seen by all of us even today in the health condition of people and the ecosystem’s equilibrium. In sending out our most sincere solidarity to all the people involved in the tragic accident, it is necessary to speak of the commitment by institutions in creating more rigorous and exigent policies for work security and the respecting of higher standards of environmental protection. The activities of some Italian industrial plants still show high levels of risk today which must be monitored continuously. After Seveso, our country and the whole of Europe have the duty to use all the necessary instruments so that such calamities do not repeat themselves. I give my more cordial greeting and my best wishes to the present authorities and everyone who participated for the best possible result of today’s initiative.” (AGI) .

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